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  • BlendMount R Series Radar Detector Mount
  • K40 radar detector mount
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  • Porsche radar detector mount
  • 9500ix radar detector mount
  • BlendMount C7 Radar Mount

    Fits like a glove!

    From Jason S. of Myakka city, Florida on 7/17/2014
  • passport max2 radar mount
  • Audi radar detector mount

    The install looks like it came with the car!

    From George. of Colorado Springs, Colorado on 8/29/2014
  • BMW radar detector mount

    No More suction cups to fall off your window!

    Does not block your vision!
  • j28 design blendmount

    Proudly Made In The USA

  • BMW radar detector mount
  • Mirrortap power cord
C7 Radar Mount MirrorTap Power Cords
GoPro mirror mount

Where’s the best place to mount your radar detector?

Chances are, you already know the hassle that comes with radar detector mounting. With BlendMount, the days of suction cups and hanging wires are over. Keep your windshield and dashboard looking clear and let your radar detector appear factory installed.  Secure your Escort, Beltronics, K40, Valentine One, Radenso Pro SE or Cobra 9200 DSP radar detector, using our easy to use, patented BlendMount radar detector mount.
This adjustable, easy to install mount allows you not only an unimpeded field of vision, but maximum radar coverage, with a minimum of difficulty. Directions for installation are included, along with extra hardware. The BlendMount is also manufactured, assembled and sold from our California headquarters, making customer service before and after your BlendMount purchase a snap!

When it comes to radar detector mounts, choose the industry leader: BlendMount, the patented radar detector mount.

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